This page provides you with information about admission to the DOK Ph.D. programme.

You will begin your studies in the Fall Semester.*

The application procedure for a course place is divided up into three stages: 1. clearance of formal admission, 2. search for a supervisor and 3. writing a letter of motivation and definitive application.

The DOK Programme Committee will make its decision concerning admission on the basis of the documents received. You may be invited for an interview.

Formal admission
Formal admission to Ph.D. studies at the University of St.Gallen is subject to central regulations. The “Admission to a Ph.D. programme” pages provide you with information about admission procedures and requirements. The Admissions Office will establish informally whether you can be admitted to Ph.D. studies before you submit your definitive application.

Search for a supervisor
Your ability to apply for a place on the programme will also be contingent on the declaration of a faculty member that he or she will supervise your thesis. A fact sheet will help you to look for a supervisor. Please note that a great number of postgraduates apply for a place in the DOK programme and that at present only a small number of applicants can be granted a place on the course.

Letter of motivation
An application has to be accompanied by an informative letter in which you describe why you are interested in the DOK, present your idea for a thesis and set out the reasons why you regard the DOK at the HSG as the appropriate programme for your project. You can obtain the template from the website of the Admissions and Crediting Office.

Schedules and procedures
The website of the admission office specifies the relevant requirements and provides you with information about the formal admission procedures and the application time frames.

*Exceptions may be possible. Please contact the Executive Director.