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Who is the DOK aimed at?

The interdisciplinary Ph.D. programme is aimed at new graduates but also at postgraduates who would like to incorporate their professional and academic experience into their studies.

The programme is aimed at Ph.D. students 

  • who have acquired a sound grounding in management theory and would specifically like to work on complex organizational challenges from a perspective of demanding social and cultural science theories.
  • who have a sound grounding in a social or cultural science discipline and would like to expand their qualification at the interface between society and the economy in an interdisciplinary way. 
  • who have a sound grounding in economic, legal or political science and would like to extend their qualification through the interdisciplinary inclusion of aspects of cultural science.

Experience shows that, besides doctoral students who join the programme after they have obtained their Master’s degree, the DOK also appeals to postgraduates who have gained experience in the professional world (research, private sector, public administration and education) and would now like to consolidate, reflect on and enhance their knowledge.

The Ph.D. programme in Organization Studies and Cultural Theory welcomes students from all age groups.