Events - 12.02.2024 - 11:00 

Proven mix of current and timeless topics: public lectures in the spring semester 2024

For 125 years, the University of St.Gallen's public lecture programme has been helping to create spaces on campus and in the city for an active exchange between HSG professors, external lecturers and a broad, cross-generational audience. Starting on 19 February 2024, everyone is welcome to attend the lectures again.

The programme booklet for the spring semester 2024 provides an overview of the topics in which visitors to the HSG can immerse themselves from February to May. 

Exploring new fields of knowledge

One of the lectures in the programme deals with the highly topical subject of Cyberattacks. While individual hackers used to penetrate the systems of private individuals or companies via the Internet, organised cybercrime is now threatening IT security. Walter Brenner's lecture series is dedicated to these developments and challenges. 

Uncertainty prevails with regard to the increasing doubts about the resilience of democracy. Alexander Geisler's lecture series examines, among other things, the trust and participation of citizens, the U24 Future Council – the voice of young Switzerland, authoritarian tendencies and climate policy and its challenges. 

Anti-Semitism is a topic that has once again become the subject of daily reporting in a depressing way due to current events in the Middle East. Max Lemmenmeier's lecture explores the topic in depth from a local historical perspective and undertakes a historical analysis of racism and anti-Semitism in the Canton of St.Gallen in the first half of the 20th century. 

Another current topic, the increasing importance is water as a raw material, examined from two different perspectives: Bernhard Belk looks at the implementation of the "Clean Water Package of Measures" with regard to the future design of Swiss agricultural policy, and Sabrina Zehnder provides insight into the crisis of drinking water scarcity in Latin America. 

Travelling inwards and into the past 

There are interesting things to discover beyond current issues. For example, taking a look inwards at numerous strategies of psychological self-deception, which will be the subject of Brigitte Boothe's lecture. Or an examination of the material history of glass, which will be recounted in Martin Schregenberger's lecture. 

Revital Ludewig's lecture series takes a closer look at the work of judges, public prosecutors and KESB employees - sometimes answering the intriguing question of why lawyers have to like people. 

In the lectures, guests of the public programme experience the diversity of subjects that characterise teaching and research at HSG. The topics range from economics, law, politics and computer science to language, literature, history, art, music, society and theology. Visitors also learn more about the city and region of St.Gallen.

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