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The Changing World: Public Lectures in the Fall Semester 2023

The world is undergoing change. This is evident in current international politics as well as the rapid development of artificial intelligence. Professors from HSG and external lecturers delve into the underlying factors. Starting on September 18, 2023, they will once again share their knowledge through public lectures. All interested individuals are cordially invited.

The public program offers a wide range of topics, from timeless thought-provoking subjects to up-to-the-minute burning questions, ensuring that there's something for every taste and interest. Many lectures in the fall semester will focus on the changing world.

The World in the Midst of Multiple Crises 

In times like these, the need to adeptly comprehend and critically assess events, scenarios, and their historical-cultural contexts is paramount. The lecturers of the public program take on this task. For instance, political scientist Christoph Frei sheds light on the focal points of international politics in Eastern Europe, the Middle East, Sudan, the United States, and China in his lecture series.

American cultural expert Suzanne Enzerink examines why Civil Rights movements in the US are as relevant as ever. Historian Caspar Hirschi delves into questions such as how crises arise, how we cope with them, and what we can learn from them. Yves B. Partschefeld reflects on the protest and opposition movements in Ukraine, Belarus, and Russia over the past twenty years.

The world's transformation is also evident against the backdrop of new technologies. Siegfried Handschuh from the School of Computer Science (SCS-HSG) provides insight into the diverse possibilities of Big Data and AI applications like ChatGPT. The lecture series "SanktGaller Health Forum" illustrates how artificial intelligence shapes the healthcare sector and its stakeholders. Christian Opitz, an expert in renewable energy, scrutinizes the impending energy scarcity and the transformation of our energy system.

St.Gallen and Its Treasures 

Change also influences regions. The Abbey Library of St.Gallen houses a collection of world-class books. In the series "Unique in the Abbey Library of St.Gallen," three significant works are presented by lecturers of the public program. The lecture series will celebrate the work of typographer Jost Hochuli's 90th birthday underscores that St.Gallen is still a "city of books".

Guests of the public program experience the diverse range of disciplines that shape teaching and research at HSG. The topics span from economics, law, politics, and computer science to language, literature, history, art, music, society, and theology. Visitors also learn more about the city and region of St.Gallen. "The lectures may change, but the diversity of themes remains – along with the commitment to provide the familiar connection between academic knowledge and accessible perspectives," write the new programme directors, Daniel Cuonz and Jörg Metelmann, in the preface of the brochure for the fall semester 2023.

More information on the public programme website.

Image: Brochure of the public lectures / Hannes Thalmann

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