Research - 14.07.2010 - 00:00 

Marketing audits pay off

On average, 13 per cent of marketing budgets are wasted. This is the result of a study on marketing effectiveness and efficiency conducted by the IfM-HSG and the Swiss Marketing.


14 July 2010. A total of 516 managers participated in the online survey of 3,904 executives in the German-speaking area. Nestlé is regarded as pursuing best practice in marketing audits.

Numerous enterprises are incapable of assessing exactly which customers are profitable for them. Moreover, marketing managers often fail to check the efficiency of advertising measures sufficiently professionally. Conversely, the use of key marketing figures has distinctly improved in the last few years: figures of this kind are strongly used as sources of information and also as a basis for marketing decisions.

Budgeting often based on gut instinct
In most companies (52%), the focus is on “management experience” and thus on gut instinct. Equally many swear by recurrently updating the previous year’s budget. 38% regard expected turnover as a determinant for their budgets, 28% base their budgets on the previous year’s turnover.

Marketing audits pay off in management terms
The study reveals that marketing audits pay off in management terms, since enterprises which make use of differentiated key marketing figures are also shown to be financially more successful.

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