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How European is Switzerland?

The HSG will run a public lecture series on “The euro, Europe and Switzerland” from 8 November 2011. On six evenings it will be shown how multi-faceted the nature of Switzerland’s special way actually is.


31 October 2011. Six HSG professors will report on the current status of the relationship between Switzerland and Europe. The audience may expect exciting debates from the perspectives of law, currency policy, education policy and culture policy. The professors will inform them about issues such as tax questions, banking secrecy, the euro’s record low and its consequences for the Swiss export industry and tourism.

The Confoederatio Helvetica’s scope of action

The lectures will elucidate the delicate details and strategic horizons between Switzerland and Europe. They will also throw light on yesterday, today and tomorrow. The first to speak will be Prof. em. Dr. Rainer Schweizer, on 8 November, on “The free movement of persons with the EU and the freedom to move in the Schengen area: advantages and problems”. On the second evening, on 15 November, Prof. Dr. Beat Bernet will speak about “Switzerland and the euro – some political and economic scenarios”. The topic of “European education policy – bureaucracy, formalism or practical benefit” will be addressed by Prof. em. Dr. Rolf Dubs on 22 November.

Open questions after the 120 bilateral agreements concluded to date

On 29 November, Prof. Dr. Ulrike Landfester will speak on the question, “Is Switzerland situated in Europe?” On 5 December, Prof. Dr. Carl Baudenbacher will focus on the topic of “New mechanisms of conflict solution in the relations between Switzerland and the EU?”, and on 13 December, Prof. Dr. Dirk Lehmkuhl will look into the question, “Special paths, royal roads, blind alleys – do all ways lead to Brussels?”

The lectures will take place at the University of St.Gallen and will start on Tuesdays at 6.15 p.m. in Room HSG 01-014. The two final lectures in December will start on Mondays at 6.15 p.m. in Room HSG 01-011.

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