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Autumn Semester 2023 begins at the University of St.Gallen

On September 18, the 2023 autumn semester begins at the University of St.Gallen (HSG). For approximately 1,700 new students, the academic journey starts earlier, on September 11, with the traditional "StartWeek" at HSG. This year, first-year students will engage with the revised case study on the topic of "Polarization."
On September 18, the 2023 autumn semester begins. For approximately 1,700 new students, the academic journey starts earlier, on September 11, with the traditional "StartWeek".

A total of 9,847 students have enrolled this year for the autumn semester (compared to 9,610 in the previous year). Within the assessment year, 1,990 (1,856) students are expected, 3,417 (3,401) at the bachelor's level, and 3,809 (3,733) at the master's level. There are 586 (573) individuals enrolled at the doctoral level, with an additional 45 (47) students pursuing supplementary programmes. The Master's programme in Computer Science has 79 (50) enrolled students, while 42 (42) students are starting the Bachelor's programme in Computer Science. In the Joint Medical Master (JMM-HSG/UZH) in St.Gallen, there are 106 (102) registered students.

The final enrolment statistics will be published in December as usual. By then, the number of students is expected to decrease slightly, as some students still in an orientation phase and may not commence their studies immediately.

StartWeek: Students Develop Depolarization Strategies in Case Study

No other Swiss university supports its new students like HSG. The so-called StartWeek, during which approximately 1,700 students get to know the University and their new environment, always takes place in September, one week before the start of lectures. This introductory week is part of HSG's assessment year. Together, students go through various introductory modules and work on a case study dealing with "Polarization." The top six groups will present their work on Friday, September 15, in St.Gallen's Olma Hall 2.1, in front of a jury, all the assessment year students, as well as numerous guests and HSG members. You can learn more about StartWeek in this online article.

Semester Start with HSG Kick-off Days

As part of the English-language HSG Kick-off Days, the University will welcome over 700 new students at the bachelor's, master's, and doctoral levels from September 11 to 16, 2023. The introduction programme provides newcomers with insight into all relevant academic services. In honour of the 125th anniversary, participants will also attend the TEDxHSG conference. They will engage with the speakers of the International Symposium to discuss how universities should adapt and evolve.

TEDxHSG Talk and Conference celebrates HSG's 125th Anniversary

During the first week of the semester, Swiss author and Georg Büchner Literature Prize winner Lukas Bärfuss will serve as an "Artist in Residence" at SQUARE. On Thursday, September 14, he will read from his work "Die Krume Brot" in the University library, and on Friday, September 15, he will deliver the opening speech at the public symposium "Universities in an Age of Uncertainty." As a part of 125th year celebrations, the University of St.Gallen invites everyone to the TEDxHSG talks on Saturday, September 16. Overall, it promises to be an exciting week to be a guest on the campus, and we warmly welcome all interested individuals.

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