Strategic Plan 2025

In recent years, the University of St.Gallen (HSG) has grown notably and has undergone structural changes. In 2017, Roadmap 2025 was established which set out guiding principles to guide future decisions. This vision has now been developed into a Strategic Plan which concretely defines the guiding principles and goals for the University until 2025.

Since its foundation, the University of St.Gallen (HSG) has been committed to an integrative approach, which we pursue equally in teaching, research and continuing education. Our Vision 2025 is based on a solid foundation. However, staying true to ourselves does not mean stagnation and frugality. Our Roadmap 2025 provides us with a guiding framework for all University-wide, action-focused decisions. Since this time, our University hasn’t simply remained a place of learning for economics, law and social sciences; with the establishment of the Joint Medical Master’s and the founding of the School of Computer Science, we have broadened the range of disciplines on offer at HSG.

The eight focus areas of the Strategic Plan.

The Strategic Plan is a flexible instrument that provides us with guidance at all levels of governance and forms the basis upon which we can plan our immediate future. With the founding of the Vice President’s Board for Institutes & Executive Education, the governance of our University is now well equipped for the new challenges it faces. We have likewise set the course for the future in research and teaching.Thanks to the reorientation of our academic career pathways, we have become an even more attractive and competitive institution for a new generation of distinguished researchers. We are constantly refining frameworks in order to encourage impact-focused, cutting-edge research. Our goal here is not only to increase international recognition for our research, but also to ensure that it has an impact on society. The success of our research and work is ultimately measured by our contribution to society.

Our social responsibility also guides our strategy in teaching and training by sensitizing future and current decision-makers to the consequences of their actions and equipping them with the tools to act in a sustainable and ethical manner. At SQUARE, we offer an inspiring environment where we can work as a community, across generations and hierarchies, on solutions for tomorrow. The spirit of experimentation and innovation at SQUARE should ultimately have an impact on the University as a whole and influence the spirit of our future location at Platztor.


Strategic Plan 2025

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