HSG Roadmap 2025

As a leading business university we set global standards for research and teaching by promoting integrative thought, responsible action and an entrepreneurial spirit of innovation in business and society.

The University requires a basic framework to ensure that within the extensive range of options for thought and action, that effect is generated which the HSG is able to vouch for, particularly also with a view to the freedom of teaching and research.

Thus the University Management and the various bodies involved drew up the Vision 2025 in 2015 and 2016, which was approved by the University’s Board of Governors and describes the core of an "integrative business university" in outcome-oriented terms, according to the motto "From insight to impact".

Based on this, the President’s Board took the next step and derived the Roadmap 2025 by way of a strategic implementation plan. This overview provides the orientation framework for all strategic and operative decision-making. Similarly to the Vision, key sentences provide a target-oriented framework. In addition, measures and milestones point the way towards implementation. Furthermore, measurement parameters and key performance indicators help the University to determine its own position on the strategic way towards implementation. From these insights, the necessary adjustments can be derived for the HSG to be able to continuously pursue the path of the Roadmap and the Vision. In outcome-oriented terms, the central question for operative everyday life is this: "What contribution does this or that measure make to the HSG’s purposeful progress on its Roadmap?" Thus the HSG now has an overall system which can be seen as a benchmark in the university management landscape.

HSG Roadmap 2025

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