Career outlook

Career Outlook

We would like to provide you with the wherewithal for an exciting and unique career.

As a MACFin graduate, you will not only have the necessary theoretical foundations, but will also be familiar with practice-oriented project work, positioning, and opinion leadership, and will involved in the development of solutions and decisions.

With our education, students not only receive the necessary theoretical foundations but also experience in practical project work and the constitition of solutions and decisions.

As a jump start for their careers, graduates often opt for an entry-level position in a management consultancy, in auditing, or for a junior position in the finance department of an international company. With this entry, tasks, competencies, responsibilities, projects, and leadership continue to grow in a short time.

Experiences of alumni of the Master of Accounting and Corporate Finance HSG

“The focus of my work concerns the restructuring of industrial companies. With the solid foundation from the MACFin studies, I can quickly dive into the specific situation of the customer and recon value potentials as well as risk areas”
Ev Pardey, Senior Manager Deloitte AG
- Alumni MACFin 2006
“For my consulting work in biotech and life science, the MACFin is the ideal complement to my medical studies. It enables me to evaluate projects from a medical and a economics perspective”
Dr. Christian Peter, Head of Drug Management Medsolution AG - Alumni MACFin 2006

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