Campus - 01.07.2014 - 00:00 

Will the HSG defend its trophy?

Football fever is not only endemic in Brazil. On 3 July 2014 the HSG will also be the venue of a tournament. At the invitation of Unisport, the FC Cantonal Parliament, the SC Municipal Parliament, the Rotmonten District Association and the HSG Administration will compete against each other.


The focus of interest will be on the question as to whether the HSG Administration will be able to defend its undefeated position and will again win the invitation tournament this year. The HSG footballers, who train every Wednesday afternoon all the year round and are captained by HSG’s Head of Communication, Marius Hasenböhler, will do everything to retain the trophy in their own trophy cabinet.

Politicians and district association motivated

But the politicians and the local heroes of the Rotmonten District Association are sufficiently motivated to challenge the HSG Administration seriously. The FC Cantonal Parliament will be captained by Felix Bischofberger for the first time after the long-term captain Peter Boppart resigned from this office last year. The SC Municipal Parliament, too, banks on regular playing practice. The Rotmonten District Association is likely to select one or the other player from FC Rotmonten.

Thus a lively tournament can be expected. Play will start at 6.15 p.m. Every side will play every other side on the small pitch, and after the tournament, the analyses over a sausage and a drink will be as astute as ever. Spectators are welcome.

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