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The IGNITE MOVEMENT celebrates their fifth anniversary

On the October 23, 2019, the IGNITE MOVEMENT started their annual conference which challenged the status quo of many companies which do not live up to their own self-stated values.

25 October 2019. Opening the fifth-annual IGNITE Conference, organisers pointed out that a lack of engagement in the workplace is responsible for billions of dollars of lost revenue every year. Although most companies have declared their corporate values publicly and have them clearly defined on their website and in their annual reports, few of them live by these guidelines and even fewer employees can identify or even know the purpose of the organisation that they work for.

As the opening speaker, Samie Al-Achrafi, the CEO of Marmalade Fish, a company focused on bringing on brining culture change and organisational values to international firms, provided insight into this issue.

Al-Achrafi noted that the majority of business isolate themselves from the communities that provide them with their livelihood. He also provided examples of multinational firms who declare a set of noble values publically but in their day-to-day operations, lose sight of their own morals and ethics.  

Al-Achrafi also noted that the pendulum is swinging to change corporate culture, he finds it overwhelming to call for “business transformation”. He pointed out that calling for a small change, even a one-degree shift can be enough… and may be a way to bring those who resist massive change on board. He specifically mentioned the current debate on climate change as an issue that could benefit from this way of thinking.In closing, Al-Achrafi called for students to bring their humanity into business. “Business needs your humanity,” he said.

IGNITE strives to create a more purpose-driven business world that meets the demands of current and future generations. Purpose-driven businesses are characterized by inspirational leadership and a strong company culture. Founded in 2015 by HSG students, the IGNITE MOVEMENT works with academic and corporate partners to call for companies to abandon their focus on short-term financial success and instead focus on purpose, culture and humanitarian goals – which have proven to be profitable in the long term.


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