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The 51st Symposium opens at the University of St.Gallen

The 2022 edition sees over 700 participants, 120 speakers and 250 leaders of tomorrow gathering to exchange ideas and opening a dialogue under the topic “Collaborative Advantage”.

5 May 2022. The 51st edition of the St.Gallen Symposium was launched on the HSG Campus after taking approximately a 1000 day break because of the COVID-19 pandemic.

The Head of the International Students’ Committee Lucas Mortier officially opened this year event and gave attendees an overview of some of today’s global challenges. He noted that the world was still recovering from the pandemic, was seeing instability in interest rates and inflation and is now bearing witness to war on the European continent. He continued, saying that now more than ever the world needed to see collaboration.

President of the Board of Trustees of the St.Gallen Symposium Peter Voser also took the stage and explained his role and the roll of the Board of Trustees. He pointed out that the Board is there to guide and inspire the Student’s Committee, not to give them instructions. He also shared his personal thoughts on the Symposium, saying that the cross-generational discussions he has had for the past 20 years at the Symposium has given him "food for thought" and has inspired him to approach problems from a different perspective when he returns to his desk. Voser also challenged all the students who are involved in organizing the Symposium by asking them to come back to the Symposium after they have finished their studies.

Cross-generational dialogue

Since 1969, the St.Gallen Symposium has pursued its mission of fostering, through inclusive and global cross-generational dialogue. With war having returned to the European continent, dialogue and cooperation between businesses, governments, and across generations is more needed, but also more difficult than ever. With the theme "Collaborative Advantage", the 51st St.Gallen Symposium from 5-6 May brings together leaders of today and tomorrow at the University of St.Gallen to explore current dilemmas and new, more impactful models of collective action to address shared challenges.

Highlights of this year’s Symposium include 2021 Nobel Peace Prize Laureate and CEO of Rappler Maria Ressa, CEO of Shell Ben van Beurden, Ugandan environmental activist Vanessa Nakate and global blogger and CEO of Nas Academy Nuseir Yassin.

War in Europe

The Russian invasion of Ukraine will take centre stage in this year’s discussions. Swiss President Ignazio Cassis and Austrian Minister for EU and the Constitution Karoline Edtstadler will re-examine the role of neutral states in times of war, while journalist Maria Ressa, laureate of the 2021 Nobel Peace Prize and Reporters Without Borders head Christophe Deloire will focus on the role of free media in light of authoritarian crackdowns.