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Students commit to sustainability

The "oikos St.Gallen" student association is committed to various projects for more sustainability. In addition to the oikos Conference at the end of November, the students also organise the sustainable fashion show "Un-Dress". By student reporter Jacob Coburger.

Many of the over 130 student associations and initiatives at the HSG pursue charitable causes or are involved in social and ecological issues.

oikos Conference - Platform for a sustainable future

The "oikos" association has been holding the annual "oikos Conference" since 1987 and has thus always been committed to a sustainable future by bringing together committed students with interesting ideas once a year and providing a platform for communication. Ten students have been organising the next event since April this year. What is most striking is that literally all kinds of students are represented from Assessment Level through Bachelor's to Master's level, and even across different degree programmes. But it is not just the team that is characterised by diversity; the programme at this year's oikos Conference had something to offer for all 400 interested parties. For example, there were workshops with companies such as McKinsey, UBS and Swiss Re. In addition, various panel discussions took place, in which many HSG professors also took an active part. The oikos Conference also had a diverse culinary programme. For example, on Thursday (24.11.2022) there was a group event for cooking vegan food. This event was organised by the food blog "oismak", which is another project carried out by oikos and provides numerous vegan recipe ideas online for enthusiastic cooks. If you are interested, you can find more information about the events that took place this year on the oikos Conference website.  

Un-Dress – Commitment to sustainability in the fashion industry

Besides the oikos Conference, oikos also organises the project "Un-Dress", which also takes place once a year. Un-Dress brings together fashion designers from all over Switzerland to present their sustainability-oriented fashion. Un-Dress offers a young and dynamic platform with the core message that sustainable fashion is not a compromise between trend and responsibility, but can combine both. In addition to workshops and speaker events, there will be a fashion show in the evening as a festive finale. Before and after the fashion show, it is possible to purchase the items shown on the catwalk in the pop-up store. Guests include well-known influencers and big names from the fashion industry.  

In addition to this, the "Clothing Swap" will take place again this year on 8 December 2022, where visitors can exchange used items of clothing with each other in order to expand their own wardrobe without contributing to the fast fashion cycle. 

The oikos association has its own website and Instagram account, where you can find information about current and future events and projects. There is also the option to apply directly to oikos via the website and possibly be part of the organising team for the "oikos Conference 2023" or the "Un-Dress" fashion show next year. 

Image: Un-Dress Fashion Show

Jacob Coburger is studying business administration and is in the third semester of his Bachelor’s degree.

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