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Starting out with circumspection

The new President’s Board and the new structure of the HSG are the focal points of the current issue of theHSGBlatt. Further topics are the first “Founders’ Garage”, scholarships and stress during examination times.


21 February 2011. The newHSGBlatt, the newspaper by and about the University of St.Gallen, presents the new President’s Board and publishes detailed reports about the “New Governance”, i.e. the new structure and organisation of the HSG.

Company founders on the Campus
One article focuses on the first “Founders’ Garage”, in which the HSG Business Incubator will unite some 50 company founders and service providers on the Campus. Another text homes in on the scholarships of the Starr Foundation, which are intended to help attract foreign top students to the University of St.Gallen.

Tips for students in stressful situations
Stress and pressure during examination times is a time-honoured topic among students. A new brochure, which is described in the HSGBlatt, provides tips about how to deal with stressful situations. The “Neues in SozialenNetzwerken” column presents Prof. Dr. Andrea Back’s blog this time.

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