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Continuity throughout a changing landscape – Swiss magazine "Die Unternehmung" turns 75

How does business administration contribute to new knowledge? How should it do so in the future? After 75 years of new scientific findings, "Die Unternehmung", the oldest Swiss business administration journal, dedicates its anniversary issue to these questions and focuses on management at the HSG.

June 15, 2021. "Die Unternehmung – Swiss Journal of Business and Practice" is one of the leading German-language journals in business administration with its concept of combining theoretical requirements and practical relevance in high-quality articles. The journal's range of topics includes both the core subjects of business administration (such as marketing, accounting/controlling, organization and corporate management) and newer areas such as technology and innovation management. Especially in times of change, the publication of a journal in its 75th year is a special mark of quality.

HSG contributions

With its focus on thematic issues and the publication of peer-reviewed English and German articles ("double blind review" procedure), "Die Unternehmung" has been very successful in the international market of scientific journals. The nine-member editorial board is made up of experienced professors from various disciplines at Swiss universities. The managing editor is Prof. Dr. Klaus Möller, Professor of Controlling/Performance Management and Director of the Institute for Accounting, Controlling and Auditing at the University of St.Gallen.

"Die Unternehmung” is one of the most traditional and at the same time most modern business management journals worldwide," says Möller. The articles are deliberately written in an essayistic style to appeal to a broad readership. "What makes “Die Unternehmung” special is its focus on themed issues. It thus manages to shed scientific light on exciting, current topics from different angles," says Prof. Dr. Frauke von Bieberstein (University of Bern), one of the editors. "This makes it relevant for both scientists and practitioners and offers real added value."

Contributions on the state of business administration

In the anniversary issue, 29 authors critically examine the state and development of business administration in 19 articles and provide perspective for its further development. A selection of titles include: (in German)

• «Von der Bringpflicht der Wissenschaft und der Holpflicht der Politik»

• «Professorenjournalisten und Expertenprediger»

• «Wir würfeln einen Chef oder eine Chefin»

• «Unser Finanzsystem: Nur für Schönwetterlagen tauglich?»

• «Mythen und Metaphern des Marketing»

• «Warum Homeoffice produktiver ist – und wie wir arbeiten sollten»

"I always look forward to the latest issue," says Prof. Dr. Dieter Pfaff (University of Zurich), also one of the nine editors. "A wide-ranging look into topics other than one's own field is a must for every university professor and lecturer to keep up to date."

With the comprehensive content of the latest issue and its 75-year history, "Die Unternehmung" also meets the HSG's "From Insight to Impact" claim of providing awareness into contemporary business studies.

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