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HSG trains students and faculty in AI offensive

In a pilot project, HSG is training faculty and students in the use of AI applications. The aim is for students to try using AI, which is a key skill for the labour market. Faculty are already using ChatGPT in current HSG courses.
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Less than a year after the AI chatbot ChatGPT was publicly launched, HSG faculty will be using the tool in around 20 courses in the autumn semester 2023. "Faculty use it in brainstorming sessions or as a sparring partner that critically scrutinises students' ideas," says Jacqueline Gasser-Beck, Head of the HSG's Teaching Innovation Lab (TIL). 

HSG actively promotes the use of AI in teaching and in degree courses, degree programmes and has launched the "AI in Teaching" project for this purpose. Since spring 2023, faculty and students have been regularly informed about developments in the field of generative artificial intelligence. Experts also give them tips on how to use the AI applications ChatGPT, Dall-E and Midjourney. 

"We are focussing on these three as they are by far the most used by students," says Gasser-Beck. The introductory events are each followed by an open question and answer session. "The Q&A sessions in particular show that there is still a great need for information among students and lecturers. We attempt to close these gaps, which is not always easy given the rapid pace of development," she continued. 

HSG adapted guidelines for written papers

"The HSG has reacted quickly to ChatGPT and other AI applications. And we have always communicated that there are still open questions in this field," says Gasser-Beck. For example, three months after the ChatGPT launch, HSG published an adapted Declaration of Authorship for students' academic work. This allows the use of chatbots as an aid (similar to reference management programmes and translation tools), but their use must be clearly declared in the thesis. "On the one hand, this was an obligation for us as HSG to actively address the topic. On the other hand, we also sent a signal to students that we are not closing ourselves off to this technology," says Gasser-Beck.

AI was also the central topic at HSG's annual "Teaching Day" in May 2023. For example, faculty who use ChatGTP in courses reported on their experiences and TIL employees gave input on how AI helps with the production of teaching videos and podcasts.

HSG didactics and computer scientists supporting the project

The aim of the "AI in teaching" project is to identify best practices and integrate them into the running of the HSG's programmes. In addition to two students, the project management team includes three HSG experts on the topics of AI and didactics: these include Damian Borth, professor of AI & Machine Learning, Siegfried Handschuh, professor of Data Science, Sabine Seufert, economics teacher, Martin Kolmar, economist, and Jan Marco Leimeister, professor of Information Management. 

The fact that various AI applications are now simple and can be used by everyone has opened up a new field for the HSG's TIL. "We are investing a lot of resources in testing AI applications and conceptualising how they can further develop HSG teaching," says Gasser-Beck. "Many HSG faculty are already using AI in their courses or course planning. Nevertheless, we want to make them even more aware of the huge potential that AI has for the further development of teaching."

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