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"HSG TALENTS Conference": New career opportunities in the digital world

The official recruitment event HSG TALENTS Conference will take place at the University of St.Gallen from 27 February to 21 March 2018. The event is being organised by six students. 111 regional, national and international companies will attend. The HSG TALENTS Conference will open with a public panel discussion on "Emerging Careers" on Tuesday, 27 February 2018, 6.15 pm (Room 01-013).

Digital media and other trends offer previously unknown career opportunities. These "emerging careers" have only been around for a few years. They open up undreamed of professional opportunities. But what does it take to start such a career successfully? And how will this develop in future?

Insights into these emerging careers will be provided by Nadia Damaso (Food artist and cookbook author), Robin Pickis (Social media expert and influencer) as well as Sandro Poschinger (eSport athlete with FC St.Gallen). They have managed to gain a foothold in this digital professional world. During the panel discussion, they will show insights into the potential risks and opportunities that such a job entails. The scientist and psychologist Martin Faltl will shed light on the scientific aspect of these career paths. The podium discussion will be moderated by Stefan Büsser (Comedian and Moderator).

Fair day on the Olma site

The job fair for students of the University of St.Gallen, which at the same time represents the heart of the HSG TALENTS Conference, will take place on Wednesday, 7 March 2018. Students will have the opportunity to talk to representatives of companies and organisations from various industries and regions. Participants will include Deloitte, BMW Group Switzerland, UBS, Beiersdorf AG, Bühler AG, Mars Schweiz AG, the Federal Administration and Helvetia Insurance.

A successfull career start

Between 27 February and 21 March 2018, the companies will also offer students workshops and interview opportunities on the HSG campus, where the students will be able to get to know different multinationals and regional companies. In addition to workshops and a joint dinner, the students will have the chance to network with company representatives in a relaxed setting during the "Confect and Connect" event, while hand-crafting chocolates. Those who want to combine creativity with team spirit and performance can solve a demanding mission during a 60-minute stay in the "Escape room".

The students will be supported by the HSG's "Career & Corporate Services (CSC)". In workshops and individual consultations, they will be specifically prepared for the first steps into professional life. For example, the CSC advisors help students to prepare application documents and offer tips and tricks for job interviews.

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