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HSG President’s Board takes stock

The term of office of the 2005-2011 HSG President’s Board is coming to an end. A brochure entitled “Vision und Leitbild 2010 ‒ Eine Bilanz des Rektorats" sums up the work of the outgoing HSG Management.


15 December 2010. President Ernst Mohr will hand his seal of office to his designated successor, Thomas Bieger, as from 1 February 2011 – time, then, to take stock.

The work of Prof. Ernst Mohr, Ph.D., and his Vice-Presidents Prof. Dr. Thomas Dyllick, Prof. Dr. Bernhard Ehrenzeller and Prof. Dr. Thomas Bieger was subdivided into four core processes, which were deduced from the “Vision and guiding principle 2010 of the University of St.Gallen”, which the President’s Board had drawn up prior to taking office.

I. Recruitment ‒ Education ‒ Bonding;
II. People ‒ Research ‒ HSG Added Value;
III. World ‒ HSG ‒ Region;
IV. Entrepreneurship ‒ Performance ‒ Financial Power.

From teaching to internationalisation
In their stock-tacking brochure, the four professors explain in interviews what has been achieved in the four core processes and where challenges remain for the future. This concerns issues such as quality assurance in research and teaching, the significance of basic research vs. practice-oriented research, the HSG’s internationalisation strategy and its funding model.

Is the glass half full or half empty?
“We try to take stock objectively according to the motto, ‘Let's not tell but show them how good we are!’” writes Ernst Mohr in the preface, continuing that this stock-taking was primarily a fund of facts and figures about the HSG’s development in the last six years. “Whether the HSG is indeed in good shape, whether the glass of vision fulfilment is half full or half empty in 2010, is something that everyone can judge for themselves.”

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