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Health in focus: four public events in May 2024

Health is a precious commodity. Four interesting events at and by the University of St.Gallen (HSG) will shed light on the Swiss healthcare system against the backdrop of spiralling costs and drug shortages.

The mission and goal of the Federal Office of Public Health (FOPH) is to ensure that Switzerland has an efficient and affordable healthcare system in the long term. On 9 June 2024, Switzerland will vote on three popular initiatives relating to the health system: the "Initiative to reduce premiums", the "Initiative to curb costs" and the "Initiative for freedom and physical integrity". Four public events will look at health from different perspectives. An overview of the formats can be found here:

Public Lecture Series 'SanktGaller Health Forum 

When: Wednesday, 8 and 15 May 2024, 18:15 to 19:45
Where: University of St.Gallen (HSG), SQUARE, Arena A 11-2091

With more than 300,000 employees, the healthcare sector is a driving force for employment in Switzerland. Switzerland spends around 12% of its GDP on the sector – one of the highest percentages in Europe. The trend is upward, and cost pressures have been increasing for years. Technological, institutional and procedural innovations are challenging the players in the healthcare sector. To accompany this change, the Medical Faculty (Med-HSG) has initiated the 'Sankt Gallen Health Forum'. This series of lectures and discussions is taking place for the sixth time as part of the public programme of the University of St.Gallen. The forum provides a platform for interested parties and health professionals to exchange views on health-related issues, challenges and areas of tension.

St.Galler Tagblatt panel discussion 'Cost explosion in healthcare: Which recipes work?

When: Monday, 13 May 2024, 19:00 to 21:00
Where: University of St.Gallen (HSG), SQUARE

The vote on 9 June 2024 raises fundamental questions about the financing of healthcare in Switzerland. At the TAGBLATT panel discussion 'Cost explosion in the health system: What prescriptions work?', Yvonne Gilli (President of the Swiss Medical Association FMH), Barbara Gysi (National Councillor SP/SG), Christian Lohr (National Councillor Centre/TG) and Diana Gutjahr (National Councillor SVP/TG) will discuss the two popular initiatives "Premium Relief Initiative" of the SP and "Cost Brake Initiative" of the Centre.

Public panel discussion "Cost explosion in the health system – myth or reality?

When: Tuesday, 21 May 2024, 18:30 to 21:00
Where: University of St.Gallen, SQUARE

Should no one in Switzerland spend more than 10% of their disposable income on health insurance premiums? This will be put to the vote in the context of the 'Premium Relief Initiative'. The public debate 'Cost explosion in the health system: Myth or Reality?' is an opportunity to look at this complex issue from different perspectives. Students from the University of St.Gallen's Healthcare Club will be bringing together representatives from the hospital sector, the pharmaceutical industry, business, politics and the insurance industry – representatives from Pfizer Switzerland, the University Children's Hospital Basel, economiesuisse, H+ Swiss Hospitals and Helsana Insurance will be taking part in the discussion.

Interdisciplinary and intergenerational 'EcoOst St.Gallen Symposium

When: Tuesday, 21 May 2024, 17:00 to 18:45
Where: Lokremise Cultural Centre, Grünbergstrasse 7, 9000 St.Gallen

Our society is getting older and chronic diseases are on the rise. Yet the basic organisation of the health system in Eastern Switzerland remains almost constant. Drugs and raw materials are becoming increasingly scarce. There is a shortage of nursing staff. Technology is not being used to its full potential in patient care. All this calls for a rethink in medical care, also in the living, working and economic area of Eastern Switzerland. At the EcoOst St.Gallen Symposium, current and future decision-makers from business, politics and society will discuss these issues. The event is organised by the St. Gallen Symposium, the University of St.Gallen, the St.Gallen Appenzell Chamber of Commerce and Industry and the Thurgau Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

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