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“Gyro Gearloose & Co.”

In Spring Semester 2011, the HSG will again invite children to their very own University. The lecture series for third to sixth formers consists of four parts. Children may attend the whole series or individual lectures.


23 Februar 2011. On 2 March, Prof. Dr. Oliver Gassmann, Professor of Technology Management with special focus on Innovation Management, will speak about “Gyro Gearloose & Co: how do we invent new products?”. Oliver Gassmann has a little surprise up his sleeve for this lecture, which will indeed go up in the air like Gyro Gearloose – but he does not want to give anything else away.

“Robin Hood and the Finance Minister”
Prof. Dr. Christian Keuschnigg, Professor of Economics with special focus on Public Finance, will talk about “Robin Hood and the Finance Minister” on 9 March.“What’s for lunch? Where our food comes from” is the topic that Prof. Dr. Corinne Pernet, Professor of Latin American and International History will look into on 16 March. Prof. Dr. Markus Müller-Chen, Professor of Private Law, International Private and Commercial Law and Comparative Law, will bring the lecture series to a conclusion on 23 March with “A promise is a promise”.

Certificate for regular attendance
Admission to the Children’s University is free, but registration is required. Each child will be given an HSG Children’s University ID. Children who attend all four lectures will be awarded a certificate of attendance at the end. The Children’s University will take place from 3.00-3.45 p.m. in the Audimax.

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