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9670 students at the University of St.Gallen (HSG)

In December, the University of St.Gallen publishes its student statistics. These show: 9670 students from 95 countries are enrolled at HSG in the current autumn semester 2023 from 95 countries (previous year: 9590). Enclosed some further numbers.

In the Assessment Year, the first level at the HSG, a total of 1900 (1859) students are enrolled. There are 3419 (3344) students at Bachelor's level. There are 3733 (3757) students enrolled at Master's level and 578 (584) at Doctoral level. A further 40 (46) students are enrolled in other programmes. The proportion of women is 35.2 (35.8) percent.

Student statistics 2023

Among the places of residence at the time of matriculation, the Canton of Zurich is the most strongly represented with 1397 (1347) students. In second place is the canton of St.Gallen with 1035 (1037) students, followed by Thurgau with 421 (405). There are 109 (110) students from Appenzell Ausserrhoden and 32 (38) from Appenzell Innerrhoden at the HSG. The largest group of foreign students (place of residence at the time of obtaining the university entrance qualification) comes from German-speaking countries: 1695 (1730) students come from Germany, 281 (286) from Austria and 76 (80) from Liechtenstein. Larger groups of students also come from Italy 174 (182), France 118 (121), China 81 (74), the USA 59 (59), Singapore 57 (55), India 38 (40), Ukraine 32 (23), Spain 29 (40), Norway 26 (24) and Brazil 28 (37). You can also find the complete statistics on our website under "HSG in numbers".

Diversity Monitoring Report 2023

In addition to the student statistics, HSG also published the Diversity Monitoring Report this week. The report collects and analyses data on equal opportunities in the areas of studies and teaching, research and faculty, as well as administration, and provides qualitative insights into various diversity initiatives. Since 2020, the diversity dimensions of internationality, special needs and age have also been taken into account. The development of the numbers over the years provides information on what HSG has achieved and in which areas there is still a need for action. 

The full report can be downloaded here.

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