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52 New Doctoral Graduates

The University of St.Gallen (HSG) awarded 52 doctorates at the start of the spring semester on 27 February 2021 - 29 in economics, six in social sciences, seven in law, four in political science, five Doctors of Philosophy in Economics and Finance and one Doctor of Philosophy in Finance. The doctoral ceremony was held digitally.

1  March 2021. HSG President Bernhard Ehrenzeller congratulated the doctoral graduates on their success. “A few years ago, you opted for 'the road less travelled' - for a path that demanded quite a bit of patience, stamina and energy from you. With your Ph.D., you not only embarked on a rarely trodden career path, you also set out on paths of knowledge that had hardly been touched. And this daring has paid off - congratulations on your success!”

Although the current situation is primarily defined by two buzzwords, namely disruption and uncertainty, with their acquired track record, the doctoral graduates have a relatively secure career ahead of them. In times full of uncertainties and risks, this is a pleasant constant.

Steadfastly into a world full of imponderables

“At least we can rely on a maxim of constant change to meet the challenges of technological change: learn, unlearn, relearn,” said Ehrenzeller. In this respect, the graduates can rely on their intellectual abilities and their proven enthusiasm for learning. Given the radical uncertainty, a return to everything that provides stability in life is worthwhile. “Your values, which we have also cultivated at the HSG and given to you; your role models, with whom you may have dealt in your work, whose failures are at least as telling as all the successes; and finally your personal environment, that is, your family and friends who have accompanied you to this point and will remain by your side, no matter which path you take.”

“Absolute beginners” - a plea for curiosity

In his speech, alumnus Dr Dominik Isler congratulated the doctoral graduates for their perseverance, discipline and academic achievements. He said he assumed that the HSG graduates would not allow themselves to simply drift, but would courageously tackle the tasks of their time, take responsibility for themselves and others and be able to be guided by their hearts.

An excellent starting position

“Education teaches us to deal with certainty,” explained Associate Professor of Marketing Johanna Gollnhofer. More and more often, however, it is necessary to address ambiguous situations, something that often raises questions. “It is quite natural that we feel stress in such situations. But the difference between success and failure lies in your ability to deal with ambiguity. And the P.h.D. basically puts you in the right position to do so.”

The doctoral ceremony was held digitally.

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