- 10.11.2022 - 07:00 


HSGswisscovery’s new layout as of November 14, 2022.

Please always log in with your SWITCH edu-ID to see all available options.

New search profile "swisscovery plus":
In addition to the known search profiles "HSG" and "swisscovery", HSGswisscovery now offers an additional search profile "swisscovery plus". This new search scope includes documents of selected Renouvaud libraries and documents without full text from the CDI.

Orders via HSGswisscovery:
The changes also include a new design of the request options.

"Pick up on site"
The "Pick up on site" section allows you to place a reservation on a HSG document that is currently on loan to be picked up at HSG. This option is free of charge. This section also offers the possibility to place a digitization request (CHF 5.-) with the HSG library.

"Further request options"
In the section "Futher request options" you have the possibility to order or reserve a title via SLSP courier (CHF 6.-) or postal delivery (CHF 12.-). It is also possible to place a digitization request (CHF 5.-) to an SLSP library. In all of these cases, the new system automatically searches for the most readily available document for you an forwards the order to the appropriate library. There is no need for you to search for an available title. This also means that all pickup notifications, reminders and overdue notifications are now sent by the pickup library and no longer by the library that owns the document.

It is still possible to order documents located at the Speicherbibliothek (storage library) to the HSG free of charge.

New under "Further request options" is the pickup location "SGKBV Bibliothek Hauptpost". This still allows you to have documents from the HSG library delivered to the Hauptpost library, free of charge via St.Galler Kurier.

Digitization costs:
All digitization orders will now be priced at CHF 5.- per request, regardless of the number of pages ordered. The HSG library will duplicate a maximum of 50 pages per document.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.