Videos - 09.02.2024 - 09:00 

Mar Reguant Discusses Challenges in Expanding Renewable Energy

In an insightful interview, economist Mar Reguant sheds light on the pressing challenges hindering the global transition to renewable energy despite its economic viability.
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While technologies like solar and wind power are now cheaper than fossil fuels, Reguant emphasizes the reluctance of governments and companies to fully embrace renewable energy. Drawing inspiration from successful cases she argues that Europe, with its limited fossil fuel resources, should play a pivotal role in showcasing how a green future is not only economical but also a solution to international crises. Reguant also discusses the importance of setting clear red lines, maintaining a robust carbon price, and prioritizing funding for proven decarbonization solutions.

The interview took place at a conference on "Sustainability and Public Policy" in St.Gallen.