Our values

From insight to impact. Our motto succinctly encapsulates the University of St.Gallen’s promise. Why do we do what we do? How well do we perform? What do we offer you? HSG can look back on a long and interesting history and has established a hallmark reputation over the course of many decades. It is a familiar name among decision-makers around the world. 

The University of St.Gallen combines excellence in applied research with an international outlook and a focus on transferring knowledge into practice. Insights acquired here have an impact on practice which, in turn, impacts on research topics and the allocation of resources at HSG. We share knowledge with society, and we investigate questions that are relevant to business and society. HSG is far more than a place of learning. It is a place of inspiration for dedicated individuals – a place that encourages those individuals to apply integrative thinking and to exchange insights with others. 

Our values

The core values – holistic, committed and cooperative – with their corresponding sub values.

Our values are the basis for your personal development.

Academic thinking at HSG is based on a holistic approach to problems, resulting in integrative solutions. Through outstanding commitment, we achieve shared goals at a high international level. Cooperative working leads to trusting collaboration between all members of the HSG community.

The University of St.Gallen offers many opportunities for co-creation, which can be seen everywhere on campus. Whether in new teaching and learning formats, for which the HSG provides a special Teaching Innovation Lab, or in completely new spaces that make encounters for exchange with independently thinking personalities almost inevitable.

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It is all about “serendipity”, the art of the chance-but-rewarding encounter. SQUARE is the architectural embodiment of serendipity, encouraging the exchange of ideas on every level. Once you have visited, you will not be able to resist coming back.

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We provide this type of learning opportunity because we are convinced that, ultimately, it is the best way for you to develop your impact. After all, that is what we are all about: playing a key role in helping society, business and you as an individual to thrive.

It is worth noting that HSG has always been interested in impact that has practical relevance. It was, in fact, a practical, business-related question relating to St.Gallen’s flourishing textile industry that first led to the founding of the university back in 1898. People have been drawn to HSG in St.Gallen ever since, motivated by the recognition that their commitment and dedication will benefit society as a whole. Within the faculty, this results in excellent research, teaching and professional development. Did you know that very few universities around the world can match HSG when it comes to the number and autonomy of its institutes?

Among the students, the focus on impact leads to a higher-than-average engagement and drive – something that is reflected in HSG’s international outlook and friendly atmosphere. These qualities attract many different personalities from the worlds of business, politics, culture, society and public life, eager to share their best practice knowledge and their insights with students and with the general public. The creative exchange formats this inspires turn HSG into an innovative place of thought and a laboratory of entrepreneurship at the heart of Europe.