Jamie Gloor

Jamie Gloor

Jamie Gloor

Prof. PhD

Assistant Professor of Diversity and Leadership Science

Dufourstrasse 40a

9000 St. Gallen
Main Focuses

Future of Work/Leadership




(Social) Sustainability

Fields of research

Organizational Behavior

Social Psychology

Behavioral Science


Quantitative Research

Further fields of research




(Social) Sustainability

Professional Career

With 2 decades of international experience across 4 continents (e.g., Yale University), this award-winning speaker, scholar, and educator and her work on leadership and diversity have been featured in top scientific (e.g.,  Academy of Management Review, Journal of Applied Psychology, and Nature Human Behaviour) and popular (e.g., Harvard Business Review [& again here] and The New York Timesoutlets. 

Gloor and her team craft sought-after articles, courses, workshops, and keynotes spanning business and psychology on DEI, leadership, humor, and (social) sustainability, collaborating with numerous universities, local and international organizations.  

Teaching Activities

“Time is Money? Diverse Perspectives on our Most Valued (and Valuable?) Resource” (Bachelor's Seminar with Prof. Dr. Anna Elsner, SHSS)
“No Funny Business? Leadership Skills for a Digital, Dispersed, and Diverse Age” (Master's Seminar)
“3-Minute Thesis” (Inaugural Communication Competition for PhD students at HSG)
Coaching various student theses at the bachelor, master, PhD, and post-doc levels


Various international management organizations, such as the Academy of Management


Various international and Swiss awards, including:

Top 10 Most Cited Paper in Journal of Applied Social Psychology (2024)
"Best of 2023" HSG Executive Education
Best Data Collection: Quantitative Award (Market Research Society) in 2023
Latsis Award for the Top scholar under 40 at HSG (2022)
Swiss National Science Foundation PRIMA Grantee (2020-present)
University of Zurich Teaching Innovation Award (2019-2020)
Emerald Best Dissertation Paper (2017)
European Academy of Management, All-Academy Most Inspirational Paper (finalist) 2016
European Academy of Management, Best Paper Award (2016)
Academy of Management Best Paper Awards (2017-2021)
Academy of Management Best Reviewer Awards (2015)


“More with Jamie Gloor” Evidence-Informed Consulting, Keynotes, and Workshops


Various talks for various for- and non-profit organizations (e.g., Julius Baer and The World Economic Forum) and platforms (e.g., TEDx Zurich) on leadership, DEI, (un)conscious bias, humor, (social) sustainability, inclusion, exclusion, AI/robots, open science, etc.

Editorial Board

Academy of Management Journal (Editorial Review Board Member) 2023-2025
Academy of Management Review (Editorial Board Member) 2023-2026
Journal of Management (Editorial Board Member) from 2024

Special Issue Editor, The Leadership Quarterly (2024-2026)

Representative-at-Large, Academy of Management DEI Division (2023-2026)
Carolyn Dexter Chair, All-Academy Award (Academy of Management Annual Meeting 2020)
Professional Development Workshop Chair (Academy of Management Annual Meeting 2019)
Emerald Best International Symposium Chair ( Academy of Management Annual Meeting 2018)

Co-Editor, Organisational Behaviour (Leadership Track), European Academy of Management (2017-2020)

Ad-hoc reviewing for various journals such as Academy of Management Journal, Academy of Management Review, Journal of Applied Psychology, Journal of Management, Nature Human Behaviour, etc.

Research Cooperation

Various cooperations including SAP, Julius Baer, Goldman Sachs, AMAG, ETH Zurich, The World Economic Forum, The Behavioural Insights Team (UK), Lonza, Implenia, UBS, etc.

Additional Information
Alexandria Forschungsteam

Jamie Gloor (Asst. Prof. & PI), Eugenia Bajet Mestre (PhD student), Mihwa Seong (Post-Doc), Huong Pham (Post-Doc): PLAID Lab, CCDI, FIM-HSG

Teaching qualifications

SNF PRIMA Leadership Program Participant