Marc Meyer

Marc Meyer

Marc Meyer


Dean of Studies & Academic Affairs

Studium & Lehre
Dufourstrasse 50

9000 St. Gallen

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Main Focuses

Is in charge of studies at the HSG and is involved in their development

In his capacity as Dean of Studies, makes legally effective decisions concerning the administration of studies and examinations

Is an ex officio member of the President’s Board and proposes studies issues in the academic bodies (President’s Board, Senate Committee, Senate) and in the Administration

Is responsible for personnel in the Studies Department

  • 1987-1995 Studies in Chemistry and Mathematics at the University of Berne
  • 2000-2005 Doctoral studies in Physical Chemistry at the University of Berne
  • 2008-2010 Training as a Headmaster (with diploma recognised by the Swiss Conference of Ministers of Education, CCEM) at IWP-HSG


Professional Career
  • 1991-2005 Teacher of Mathematics and Chemistry at Freies Gymnasium Bern
  • 2005-2008 Deputy Headmaster of Gymnasium Köniz-Lerbermatt
  • 2008-2015 Headmaster of the Cantonal School Seetal LU
  • Since 2015 Dean of Studies & Academic Affairs HSG


Teaching Activities

Lecturer in Mathematics