Simon Grand

Simon Grand

Simon Grand

Prof. Dr.

Professor and Senior Lecturer of Strategic Management and Management Innovation

Büro 1-310
Dufourstrasse 40a
9000 St Gallen
Main Focuses

Strategy as Process and Practice

Strategizing and Entrepreneuring

Routine Dynamics and Managerial Practice

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Fields of research

Strategy as Process and Practice

Entrepreneuring, Entrepreneuring and Aesthetics

Routine Dynamics and Management Practice

Epistemic / Research Practices

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Strategic Sensemaking

Strategic Experimenting

Creation Routines

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Studies in economics, sociology and philosophy at the University of Zurich (1987 - 1992) / research associate in banking and finance, Swiss National Bank, Zürich (until 1993) // PhD studies in the areas of organization and management studies, University of Zürich (1993 - 1997) / research associate at the Institute of Business Research IfbF, University of Zurich (until 1997) / research fellow in the area of philosophy and epistemology of the social sciences at the École des Hautes Études en Sciences Sociales, Paris, as fellow of the Swiss Study Foundation (1996 - 1997) // habilitation in management studies, with a focus on strategic management, University of St. Gallen HSG (2013) / research associate at the Institute of Management IFB-HSG (until 2011) as well as the Institute of Systemic Management and Public Governance IMP-HSG (2011-2021) / assistant professor of Strategic Management, University of St. Gallen HSG (2012 - 2016) // associate professor and senior lecturer of Strategic Management and Management Innovation (since 2017).

Professional Career

Prof. Dr. Simon Grand // born 1968, married, 2 children // researcher, knowledge entrepreneur, strategy designer and author

_ engagement as researcher: research on processes and practices of entrepreneurial strategizing ("strategizing" & “entrepreneuring”) // with an empirical focus on enterprises in the context of creative ecologies (in research partnerships with Jakob Schläpfer, “critical companies” incl. etoy & Com&Com, design enterprises, Zurich University of the Arts, … among others), of scientific laboratories (in partnerships with IBM Research, UZH Artificial Intelligence Lab, …) and of technological innovation (in the areas of Software (AdNovum, Ergon, Finnova, msg global, …), Pharma (Roche, Actelion, Aventis / Sanofi, …), Engineering (ABB, Belimo, Infineon Technologies, …) and Finance (Leonteq, UBS Wealth Management Global, …) // with a scientific focus on processes of creation and innovation (incl. “organization-creation”), their strategic advancement ("Strategy-as-Process & -as-Practice — SaPP"), routinization ("Routine Dynamics — RD") as well as management / governance / curation ("Management Innovation" & “Entrepreneurship-as-Practice”).

_ engagement as knowledge entrepreneur: associate professor and senior lecturer of Strategic Management and Management Innovation, University of St. Gallen HSG (since 2017) / currently at the Swiss Institute for SME and Entrepreneurship (since 2022) // founder and academic director of the RISE Management Innovation Lab (2001 - 2020) / co-author and co-director of the research program on the St. Gallen Management Model: “managing in a complex world” (since 2012) // co-founder and permanent research fellow at the Zurich Zenter for Creative Economies, Zurich University of the Arts ZHdK (since 2012) // member of the Committee for Selection and Individual Mentoring, Swiss Study Foundation (since 2022).

_ engagement as strategy designer: since 2009 member of the supervisory board, Büchi Labortechnik AG, Flawil, as well as member of the Büchi Brand Board / since 2019 member of the supervisory board, Hotz Group (Fabian Hotz Holding AG, Steinhausen), as well as head of the Group Strategy Board (since 2016) // since 2007 owner and managing partner, Grand Strategy Innovation GmbH, Zürich // other mandates (selection): member of the supervisory board, Pensimo Management AG, Zürich (2012 - 2020) / partner and president of the supervisory board, NOSE Design, Zürich (2000 - 2005).

_ engagement as author: publication of books, scientific papers and essays (see below) // presentation of the research at international coferences, colloquia and symposia (EGOS, PROS, EaP, AoM, SMS, …), as well as in contexts like Art Basel Hongkong or the Biennale Architettura Venice, in the form of keynotes, speeches, fireside talks, interactive panels, strategy workshops, …

Teaching Activities

_ “Zur Zukunft des Strategischen Management” (MOK Vertiefungskurs)

_ “Kreation als Wertschöpfung: Strategien in den Creative Economies erforschen” (MOK Praxisprojekt)

_ “Management Studies: Forschungspraktiken I & II” (DOK PhD Seminars)


Strategizing: a Process and Practice Perspective


Fellow, Swiss Study Foundation (1993 - 1997)