Jörg Metelmann

Jörg Metelmann

Jörg Metelmann

Prof. Dr.

Senior Lecturer Kultur- und Medienwissenschaft

Büro 52-7222
Müller-Friedberg-Strasse 8
9000 St Gallen
Main Focuses

Social Transformation and Climate Change

Social Imaginaries/Utopian Thought

Affect cartography of modernity

Visual Culture Studies

Fields of research

Social Transformation and Climate Change

Social Imaginaries/Utopian Thought

Affect cartography

Transformative (Management) Education

Further fields of research

Plural Economics

Storytelling/Narrative Economics


1991-1997: Studies German Literature, Philosophy, Political Sciences and Public Law, M.A.

June 2003: Doctorate (Dr. phil.) in Media and Cultural Studies, Eberhard-Karls-Universität Tübingen

September 2014: Habilitation / Post-doctoral Thesis, University of St.Gallen

Professional Career

1997-1998: Bookseller, Hamburg

1998-2003: Radio Journalist (Freelancer), Hamburg/Berlin

2003-2005: Research Associate at Institute of Sociology of Religion / Theology, Humboldt-University Berlin; Project "Media Religion" (German Research Foundation)

2005-2006: Project Staff McKinsey Germany, Munich

2006-2007: Site Manager and Coach, Kronos Network (Education and Consulting firm), Wuppertal

2007-2009: Research Associate at Center for Leadership and Values in Society (CLVS), School of Management, University of St.Gall, Project "Public Value Management" (Case Study: Federal Labor Agency Germany)

2009-2010: Representative of Director Leadership Skills in the Contextual Studies, University of St.Gall

2010-2018 : Program Director Leadership Skills

2009-2020: Responsible HSG Lecturer for the Haniel Seminars (till 2018) and the European Haniel Program on Entrepreneurship and the Humanities (since 2013)

2010-2012: Project Leader (with Dr. Scott Loren) of Research Project "Aesthetics of Irritation. Auteur Theory, Melodramatic Mode and the Politics of Critical Subjectivity", Cluster "Cultures, Institutions, Markets" (KIM)

2013-2015: Assistent Professor of Culture and Media Studies

2013-2016: Project Coordinator "Humanities' Business. European Perspectives on Management Education"

2015-2020: Academic Director of the Coaching-Programme on Assessment level

2015 - : Associate Professor of Culture and Media Studies (August 2015, appointment “Titularprofessor” plus Senior Lecturer position equals “Associate Professor” in Anglo-American system)

2023 - : Academic Director of the Public Lectures Programme, with Prof. Dr. Daniel Cuonz 


2007-2009: Public Value Management in the labour market (Center for Leadership and Values in Society, CLVS-HSG), project partner: Federal Labour Agency, Germany; researcher

2010-2012: Aesthetics of Irritation: Auteur Theory, Melodramatic Mode and the Politics of Critical Subjectivity (with Scott Loren), project was part of the research cluster “KIM - Cultures, Institutions, Markets” at Kulturwissenschaftliche Abteilung; project leader 

2013-2016: Humanities' Business. European Perspectives on Management Education (presidency's project to map practices of integrative business education); project coordinator


GfM - Gesellschaft für Medienwissenschaft
NECS - European Network for Cinema and Media Studies


Scholarship Bavarian Program for Highly Skilled
Dissertation Grant of Foundation "Education and Science" in the Association for the Promotion of Science and Humanities in Germany 

Research Cooperation

Meso - Alliance for Systemic Innovation Switzerland, Zurich (Dr. Björn Müller) 

Additional Information

2007-2010, 2014-2020 : Coach in the Coaching-Programm of the University of St.Gallen.

May/June 2014: HANIEL Research Fellow at the Department of Management, Politics and Philosophy, (MPP), Copenhagen Business School.

February/March 2017: Guest Professor at the Department of Management, Ca' Foscari University, Venice.