About us

School of Computer Science

In August 2020, the School of Computer Science (SCS-HSG) was founded as the sixth school at the University of St.Gallen (HSG). Our school is the first to introduce engineering sciences to the University of St.Gallen and aims to combine profound technical knowledge within the field of Computer Science with entrepreneurial thinking.

Digitization is and will remain a topic of great importance and the need for Computer Science professionals is increasing at a rapid pace. Its societal relevance requires from the University of St.Gallen to provide appropriate academic educational pathways that take this dominant topic into account. The School of Computer Science provides futureproof programmes with “entrepreneurial Computer Science” at its heart, along with a wide range of introductory courses to Computer Science for other schools at the university. Students of the Computer Science programmes at the University of St.Gallen gain competencies in the technical domain of Computer Science and entrepreneurial and managerial domains. We enable our students to drive the
digital transformation as entrepreneurs or managers in small and large organisations.

The faculty of the School of Computer Science currently consists of 13 (and growing) young professors from all over Europe. Our faculty covers a wide range of highly relevant research topics within the field of Computer Science and are is organized in eight research groups. By contributing to the world-class teaching environment and research excellence of the University of St.Gallen, they have already made a great impact on the way we do teaching and research at our university.

The School of Computer Science is located in the city centre, at Rosenbergstrasse 30 and Torstrasse 25, both in walking distance from the university campus.

The School of Computer Science was founded as a part of the IT education initiative of the Canton of St.Gallen. An initiative which seeks to strengthen the IT education on all educational levels and prevent the shortage of skilled labour in this domain. We believe that a Computer Science school at a university with a long tradition as a renowned business school, gives us unique opportunities for excellent education, research and collaboration.