Your ticket to a
top-tier career

As a result of leading-edge international research and integrative teaching, you will not only gain an academic qualification but also benefit from all the practical vocational opportunities a top university can offer. At the University of St.Gallen (HSG), you will quickly come into contact with leading companies in your industry that are on the lookout for new employees. For top jobs involving specialist and managerial responsibilities, they increasingly need individuals who are not only familiar with best practice methodology but also bring a holistic view and integrative thinking. At HSG, we not only help place you in contact with top employers who are currently recruiting – we also provide careers counselling in our own Career Centre.

Career as a service

Students at HSG have access to a team of qualified careers experts and coaches with long-term experience in a range of industries and in human resource management. This free service is made up of various elements that you can use according to your needs to help plan your career. Put simply, the team at HSG’s Career & Corporate Services bring you together with companies. But traditional recruitment services are so last century. Here, the focus is on providing you with professional, one-to-one coaching to help you find that perfect job and see off stiff competition. The team can provide plenty of insight into the concept of New Work and changing approaches to careers. As your strategic partner and motivator, Career & Corporate Services maintain strong ties to employers and have a clear picture of who is looking for what impact and where. To help you present your impact in the best way possible, the Career Centre experts offer best practice counselling on all matters relating to recruitment. They are familiar with the employer’s viewpoint and are always keen to learn more about yours. You have access to the following services:

One-to-one counselling, focusing on such areas as:

Fine-tuning your application

Interview training

Choosing between multiple job offers

During the semester, learn more about such topics as:

  • Networking and relationship management
  • Writing success stories with LinkedIn
  • Career reality checks for specific industries
  • The latest in-demand skills in your industry

Valuable tools, templates and insights, available online at any time. A selection:

  • Application templates for your target region
  • Job platform for internships, traineeships and permanent jobs

My HSG Career

  • NEW: the Career Profiler – an online tool, designed to define your career profile

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Personal contact provides the best opportunities for your career:

  • HSG Talents: one of the most important university recruitment event series in the German-speaking region (organised by HSG students and the Career Centre), with innovative bonding formats (including “Mix, Shake & Associate”, “Confect & Connect”, “Escape Rooms”, “Interview in a Car” and a traditional Company Dinner), the Career Fair, workshops and a range of company insights

HSG Talents

  • HSG Banking Days: the bridge between HSG students and the best-known financial services companies, sometimes held on campus, sometimes elsewhere

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  • HSG Career Days: networking with an industry focus on FMCG, Legal, Luxury and Tech

HSG Career Days

“Today, careers are more about planning your lifetime potential than having a professional end goal in your sights.”
Antoinette Weibel, Professor of Human Resource Management at the University of St.Gallen (HSG)