FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

Here you will find the answers to the most common questions concerning housing at the University of St.Gallen.


You need to complete your housing application in your Mobility-Online account, including uploading your signed housing application form along with a copy of the bank wire transfer order or scan of your credit card payment for the non-refundable CHF 250.- application fee.

The accommodation we have available is limited. Only complete applications (signed housing application form and proof of payment) will be considered on a first-come-first-serve basis.

In order to apply for a room, you must first register on the platform Mobility-Online. Once you have registered, you will be notified by e-mail as soon as the application process starts. The application start is 02 May for autumn semester / 20 September for spring semester. Then you will find all relevant steps in your Mobility-Online workflow. You will be able to indicate your preferences and then generate your housing application, which you will need to sign and upload in the workflow again along with a copy of the bank wire transfer order or scan of your credit card payment for the non-refundable CHF 250.- application fee.

Housing is limited and accommodations are given on a first-come-first-serve basis. Only complete applications will be considered.


The Housing Office is in the first place a service provided for guest students who will be staying in St.Gallen for only three or four months.

We do not provide housing assistance for regular students. If you are a regular student, we will not be able to rent you an accommodation unless an exchange student cancels short-term. In that case you will be able to rent only for 1 semester.

The log-in information is being provided by your Exchange Programme Manager. You will receive a personalised registration link by email.

This is due to one of two possible reasons:

Notification email: Once the portal on Mobility-Online opens for housing applications, you will receive an email notification from the system, indicating that it is now possible to apply for housing. Before that, you are not able to see any housing option.

Fully booked accommodations: Our accommodations are allocated on a first-come, first-serve basis. If we have already reached full capacity and all accommodations are booked, the portal is closed, which prevents you from viewing housing options. In such cases, we can only offer to add you to a waiting list. Please contact us via email for further assistance.


Depending on the apartment there are two to six rooms. Floor plans are available on our website in the download area of the specific location.

Depending on the apartment there are one or two toilets. Floor plans, including details of toilets, are available on our website in the download area specific to each location. At our dormitory at Adlerbergstrasse 13, you have your own bathroom and share the kitchen with 7 to 15 housemates.

Yes. The furnishing includes a bed, bedding (duvet, pillow, mattress, and a set of bed linen), cupboard, desk, office chair, desk and bedside lamp. The Housing Office does not supply towels. Kitchens are equipped with standard appliances (stove, refrigerator, kettle, rice cooker) and basic household utensils (pots, pans, plates, cutlery, etc.).

Washing and drying are free of charge in all houses.

You can specify in your housing application under “other information” that you wish to stay with your friends. Both you and your friends should mention each other's names for this purpose. The given information in the application will help us assign you to a room which meets your personal preferences best. Also, please note that these preferences are just requests from your side. Since many students have similar preferences, we cannot guarantee to fulfill all of them, but we will try to do our best to offer you a room that fits best to your wishes.

Pets are strictly forbidden in our accommodations.

One visitor staying for max. three nights is permitted. In this case the Housing Office as well as the flatmates must be notified in advance and it must be approved by all parties. Overnight stays by guests on a regular basis are not allowed. 

The Housing Office does not rent parking spaces. However, there is a possibility to park the car on public parking fields marked in blue, the so-called blue zone. For this you must buy a daily/monthly parking permit at the police station or download the app “ParkingPay”. The following houses have blue zones in the neighborhood.

Holzstrasse 11
Langgasse 49

In the area of the houses at Rosenbergstrasse 6, Rosenbergstrasse 74 and Adlerbergstrasse 13 there are very limited public parking fields available.

Rental Agreement / General Conditions

No deposit is necessary; a non-refundable application fee of CHF 250.- applies.

Rental prices vary depending on location, size and features of the rooms from CHF 700.- to CHF 1050.-. 

You will receive payment slips for the rent and private liability insurance upon arrival. Please note that the total rent is due 28.02. (ISP Programme 31.01.) for spring semester and 30.09. for autumn semester.

The total rent and private liability insurance can be wire transferred to the bank account of the University or paid in cash at the Post Office. There is no possibility to pay by credit card.

All residences and rooms are provided with wireless internet connection.

All Wi-Fi-enabled computers, laptops, tablets, and other electronic devices must be protected with an updated anti-virus programme. If an unprotected device causes spam, phishing or similar attacks, the Housing Office is entitled to charge the causer all costs related to clean up by an IT specialist.

Any deficiencies are to be reported immediately to the Housing Office.

The tenant has to use the object with all due care and is liable for all damages incurred due to a breach of duty.

Guest students are responsible to have a private liability insurance during their stay in an accommodation of the Housing Office. A private liability insurance for guest students with housing through the Housing Office is arranged by the University of St.Gallen. The General Conditions of the insurance company applies (available on the homepage Link). The costs for this insurance are about CHF 20.- per semester with a deductible of CHF 200.- for each case.

Alternatively, you can choose your own insurance. The insurance must at least meet the standards (regarding the scope of insurance) of the private liability insurance provided by the Housing Office. For documentation purposes you will need to hand in your insurance contract to the Housing Office.

Exchange semester Autumn term
Autumn term
ISP programme
Spring term
Spring term
ISP programme
Rental period 01.09. - 31.12. 01.09. - 30.11. 01.02. - 31.05. 01.01. - 31.03.

If you are interested in a longer rental period, please contact the Housing Office. The decentralized examination period for guest students will be finished before Christmas.


Moving in and out

The Housing Office has to be informed as soon as possible about arrival date and time in St.Gallen. Arrivals are only possible during office hours. On weekends and public holidays the office is closed. Earliest move in date is 1 January (ISP Programme), 1 February and 1 September if it is not on weekends or public holidays. Any rearrangements are to be reported immediately to the Housing Office.

Yes. You are obliged to register yourself at the Resident’s Office (Rathaus) within 14 days after arrival in Switzerland. This only applies to students staying longer than 3 months in Switzerland.

The room/apartment must be thoroughly cleaned so that a new tenant could move in afterwards (Swiss cleaning standard). Cleaning lies in the responsibility of the tenants.

On request the Housing Office offers a Cleaning Service. You will be charged for your room CHF 40.- resp. for your room with private bathroom CHF 70.-, for your studio CHF 90.- and for cleaning the apartment CHF 200.-.

Any personal belongings and other things (cushions, carpets, furniture, etc.) as well as kitchen appliances (toaster, coffee maker etc.) brought or purchased by the tenant must be removed from the accommodation. 

Before moving out you have to deregister in person at the counter of the Resident’s Office (Rathaus). After, please upload the D-Form on the platform Mobility-Online.


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