Admission to Business Education II

A postgraduate-level additional qualification programme, taught in German,
leading to the award of a teaching qualification for vocational and upper secondary schools.



You can start Business Education II no later than six years after the successful completion of Business Education I.  After a longer break you will only be able to start Business Education II with conditions. 

To obtain this teaching qualification you must demonstrate academic achievement in subject-specific courses amounting to 120 ECTS credits in economics, 60 ECTS credits in business and 30 ECTS credits in law.  It is up to you how you apply the 120-60-30 credit combination to the individual subjects. If subject specific-courses are taken outside the curriculum of your bachelor’s / master’s degree programme, they can only be considered if they have been competed with a passing grade.

Use the form "Nachweise Fachstudium" to list all the bachelor- and master-level courses you have already taken in these subjects. Submit this form together with your application. You find information concerning the allocation of the courses in the fact sheet "Wegleitungen".


You can start your studies either in the spring or the autumn semester.

Autumn semester application period: 1 February - 30 June
(for students already enrolled at the University of St.Gallen: 30 June)

Spring semester application period: 1 October – 30 November

To apply/rematriculate, use the application form
Anmeldung WIPÄD II


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