National and local programmes

The Swiss National Science Foundation SNSF is mandated by the federal government to promote research in all scientific disciplines. There are various possibilities for research funding in the areas of project, programme and career promotion as well as science communication.


The Swiss Agency for Innovation Innosuisse promotes science-based innovation projects on behalf of the federal government, supports networks and events in important fields of innovation and offers targeted training and individual coaching to promote entrepreneurial thinking, as well as support for companies and start-ups to enter the international market.

Please note that personnel costs awarded by Innosuisse may only be used for costs for personnel who are employed by the respective research institution with a valid employment contract and who work for the respective project. This applies both to innovation projects and to credits for preliminary studies (innovation checks). Transferring the contributions to external legal entities contradicts the legal basis. The transfer of tasks to external legal entities must be carefully examined and must be in accordance with the regulations of Innosuisse. In case of non-compliance with the regulations, Innosuisse is forced to reclaim the project contribution without exception and in full. Please contact the Grants Office if you have any questions regarding the use of funds.


Lake Constance Arts & Sciences Association

The Lake Constance Arts & Sciences Association supports and facilitates cooperation between 25 higher education institutions around Lake Constance, across Austria, Germany, Liechtenstein and Switzerland. The association supports projects in the fields of education and training, research and development, knowledge and technology transfer, and structural development.



Support and Contact

Are you planning to submit a proposal to the SNF, Innosuisse, the Lake Constance Arts & Sciences Association or to another institution. The Grants Office Team can support you.