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Meet the CFO #41 Giorgio Behr | BBC

Giorgio Behr (BBC) talks about his life as a top athlete, entrepreneur, restructurer and professor - coupled with courage, prioritisation and hard work.
Meet the CFO #41 Giorgio Behr | BBC

Giorgio Behr can look back on a successful life with outstanding achievements. How did he do it? As a top athlete, entrepreneur, reorganiser, professor - success was always guaranteed. Did it come to him? No. It was down to the courage to take risks, the ability to consistently prioritise and hard work. He was always one of the youngest when he was entrusted with big, supposedly too big, tasks. And so he is also an example of how to grow with your tasks - while achieving a healthy work-life balance and staying grounded. Those who experience a lot have a lot to tell - in the latest episode of "Meet the CFO", the interview podcast by Florian Hohmann and Dirk Schäfer for the University of St.Gallen.  

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