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Yvonn Scherrer to read in the University Library

On Thursday, 28 April 2016 at 7.30 p.m. the Swiss radio journalist Yvonn Scherrer will read from her book "Hänglisch" in the Library of the University of St.Gallen. The public reading and the discussion with the author are part of "The other book at the Uni" series. Admission will be free.

21 April 2016. Holding a fine book in your hands is enjoyment: for your eyes, nose and fingers. The blind radio journalist and author Yvonn Scherrer trained and sharpened her senses in order to move through life by touching, smelling and listening to things. With "Hänglisch", Scherrer has published her second book, with which she carries her readers off into the world of the sense of touch.

Tales in Bernese German

Yvonn Scherrer calls the world of the sense of touch a kingdom – a realm full of treasures and surprises, to which the author, who went blind in her earliest childhood, possesses a unique key. With her stories in Bernese German, which are full of mischief and charm, Scherrer’s book "Hänglisch" opens the door to this world of amazement, memories and understanding.

Radio journalist, aromatherapist and author

Yvonn Scherrer studied journalism and theology. She has worked for the Swiss Radio SFR for many years. Her programmes have been awarded several prizes. As a trained aromatherapist, she also runs a fragrance atelier in Zurich. She travels all over the world and loves to stick her nose into exotic cultures and cooking pots. Her first book, "Nasbüechli", appeared in 2012. Several book projects are in progress, among them a book about hearing, which will complete the trilogy on the senses.

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