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Worries about the Swiss economy

Swiss executives are watching their country’s economic development with some concern. 200 interviewees perceived their companies’ future with more optimism, however, as a survey conducted by GfK and the HSG reveals.<br/>


9 May 2012. The Institute of Marketing at the HSG (IfM) conducted a survey in cooperation with the Gesellschaft für Konsumforschung Switzerland (GfK). More than 200 Swiss executives provided information about Switzerland’s economic climate. They were recruited from the Management Pool St.Gallen.

Dark clouds in Switzerland’s economic sky

According to the study, more than half of the executives interviewed assume that Switzerland’s general economic situation will get worse in the coming twelve months. Conversely, a minority of a mere 7 per cent can make out a positive economic development. Just under two thirds of Swiss executives regard the future development on the labour market with a degree of scepticism and assume that the unemployment rate will rise. The interviewees see the development of wages in Switzerland in more favourable terms: only just under 15 per cent of interviewees expect pay cuts whereas a majority of 67 per cent forecast stable pay packets in Switzerland.

Positive market sentiments in their own enterprises
Contrary to the above-mentioned results, interviewees rate their own companies’ economic development rather less sceptically. Only one in five interviewees expects their own firm’s economic situation to worsen, and as many executives can see a positive future for their enterprises. 70 per cent of the interviewees do not expect any redundancies in their own companies. The same applies to the development of wages: only a minority of 7 per cent of interviewees assume that there will be pay cuts in their own companies.

Market research with a predominantly good reputation
The authors of the study also examined the way in which the prospects of the marketing professions are rated. In a comparison between various industries, the market research industry is ranked mid-table. Five industries each were rated better (among them tourism and business consultancy) and worse (among them advertising and banking) than market research. Market research gets a middle ranking, whereas distribution, customer relations management and human resource development occupy top positions.

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