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Value creation throughout the world

On 11 February 2013, the HSG hosted the 6th Eastern Swiss IHK Symposium in St.Gallen. The topic of the conference: Internationalisation of Value Creation Chains. Osec Chairwoman Ruth Metzler opened the event.<br/>


12 February 2013. Speakers from a wide variety of industries reported about their foreign experiences in nine sessions. With the sixth run of the IHK Symposium, now almost traditionally at the University of St.Gallen, the joint event of the Chambers of Industry and Commerce of St.Gallen-Appenzell and Thurgau has established itself. About 250 participants exchanged their experiences of the internationalisation of value creation chains in service and production companies.

Encouraging far-sightedness in the economy
The event was opened by Osec Chairwoman and Member of the University’s Board of Governors, Ruth Metzler. In her lecture on “From masters of exports to champions of internationalisation”, the former Federal Councillor advocated a 360° view of the economy. She underlined the role of Osec as a network that promoted export and import on behalf of the Confederation, supported Swiss SMEs that were willing to engage in export, and provided links between companies, key knowledge holders and organisations worldwide.

Internationalising Eastern Switzerland’s economy
In the subsequent sessions, further aspects of internationalisation were dealt with. Speakers such as Dr. Roger Moser, Head of the HSG Asia Connect Center, as well as entrepreneur and HSG alumnus Luca Vidi reported on their experiences in various markets and regions. They demonstrated how value creation chains in service and production companies can be successfully internationalised. After the speeches, the audience conducted a lively discussion on practical examples.

A performance by the outstanding Eastern Swiss slam poet Renato Kaiser rounded off the IHK Symposium. The artist had himself participated in the event and processed what he had experienced and heard in his performance.

Photo:IHK Symposium / Augustin Saleem

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