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University brochures in one place

The University of St.Gallen collates publications that are of interest to the University as a whole on the HSG Publishing platform. An archive provides users with an opportunity to browse through older Annual Reports.

9 November 2016. The way in which media are used has changed a great deal in the last few years. With the increase in the number of tablets and smartphones, it has become easier to retrieve digital information, even en route. The University of St.Gallen already makes use of the advantages of this development with the electronic magazine HSG Focus and the websites, which are optimised for mobile devices.

The University of St.Gallen publishes a variety of publications every year. To date, these publications have been printed, dispatched by post, displayed at the HSG and been offered online as PDF files or as live papers on various subpages of the HSG website. HSG Publishing combines these publications on one platform. People who are interested in enrolling for a degree course or for executive education thus no longer only receive information about degree and executive education courses at the University of St.Gallen but also general information about the University. In addition, an archive function provides such people with an opportunity to browse through earlier Annual Reports.

The brochures are available on HSG Publishing as live papers for browsing and as downloads. People who continue to prefer printed brochures can order them. This applies to all current brochures listed on HSG Publishing with the exception of HSG Focus. Archived brochures are excluded.

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