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Un-Dress behind the scenes

In St.Gallen’s Einstein Hotel, the Un-Dress fashion show will take place today under the banner of sustainability. 19 designers are on site to present their latest collections of sustainable clothing, jewellery and bags.


25 March 2015. Behind the scenes, preparations are going on at full speed. All in all, 15 models will parade on the catwalk three times in 45 outfits this evening. The time to change collections is a particular challenge: the models must change within ten minutes.

Students on the catwalk

To guarantee a smooth run and to present the clothes in an optimal fashion, the clothes were tailored to the models’ measurements last week. In addition, the models practised the catwalk walk in a dance studio. This was necessary because most models are HSG students and will be on the catwalk for the first time.

But how do HSG students get from the lecture room to the catwalk? Business Administration student Ines was asked and recruited by an acquaintance. Most models, however, replied to a casting call on Facebook and will be able to present the latest sustainable fashion by various designers this evening. When asked whether she would also wear the clothes presented in everyday life, Ines’s answer was very clear: “Sustainable clothing, fine, but of course it must also suit me very well.” Thus in the models’ view, the design of the clothes would have to be adjusted here and there since it is often very special and unusual.

Contact between students and designers

Designer Nathalie Wernz will be present with her collection under the Lu brand this evening. She aims to establish contact with young people and to encourage an exchange of views. Nathalie mentions that it was a great change to switch from design to entrepreneurship, particularly at the beginning. For her, the significance of design is not in the mission of making something pretty; rather, she regards design as an interface between looks, function, production and positioning on the market.

A contribution by the HSG student Sophie Kwisda.

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