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The University of St.Gallen leases two properties in the city

The University of St.Gallen (HSG) will be leasing two properties from the start of the 2019 autumn semester, one on Rosenbergstrasse and one on St. Jakobstrasse. This will, on the one hand, create the necessary infrastructure for the new Joint Medical Master’s degree, the Institute for Computer Science and the future School for Information and Computer Science, and on the other hand, resolve the overall issue of lack of space. There will be room for students, researchers and administrators at the two new locations.

29 August 2019. Until the new campus at the Platztor is finished, which will probably be ready for occupation in 2027, the HSG will compensate for the lack of space through compaction measures, use of provisional buildings and rental of properties. For the 2019 autumn semester, the University of St.Gallen (HSG) is leasing two new properties in the city. At 21 St. Jakobstrasse, a usable area of 1678 m2 is being rented, over four floors. At 30 Rosenbergstrasse, 3250m2 will be used over six floors. The latter building has been energetically renovated to the state of the art for the university. Thanks to its photovoltaic system and connection to district heating, the CO? balance of the building is almost zero. 

Space for the new Joint Medical Master’s Degree 

The property at 21 St. Jakobstrasse is particularly significant, due to its proximity to the cantonal hospital. When the new Master’s degree course in medicine (Joint Medical Master’s) in St.Gallen begins, in the Autumn Semester of 2020, the property near the hospital will be a place of teaching and learning for the students. Parts of the Institute of Business Education and Educational Management will also be based there. In total, there will be space for between 50 and 75 work stations at the new location on St. Jakobstrasse.

Space for the Institute for Computer Science and the HSG-IT 

From December 2019, the Institute for Computer Science will be located at 30 Rosenbergstrasse, as well as the future School of Information and Computer Science. In order to bundle competences, some services of the university’s IT department are also being relocated to the building. For the time being, some 75 permanent work stations will be provided in this building. These will be supplemented by teaching and research-oriented labs. The capacity can be increased to over 150 work stations, which will very soon be required, in view of the IT course and its corresponding appointments. The property at 30 Rosenbergstrasse is very close to the properties used by HSG at 51 Rosenbergstrasse, 2 Tellstrasse and 6/8 Müller-Friedberg-Strasse.

Concentrating on larger properties 

In order to cover space requirements until the Platztor Campus is created, the HSG is relying on the use of provisional buildings and leased properties. For several years, the university has been pursuing the strategy of giving up smaller individual properties in favour of larger properties, in order to operate more cost-effectively and to better handle the demands of teaching and research.

In addition, the HSG would like to garner experience in operating larger buildings outside the Rosenberg Campus as preparation for the Platztor project. Furthermore, the university is taking the need to become more visible and noticeable to the local population into account, in line with the city of St.Gallen’s goals as an attractive educational location.

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