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The new HSGBlatt has appeared

The first number of the HSGBlatt of 2012 has appeared in good time for the start of the semester. Topics include the new Entrepreneurship Campus and the St.Gallen Institute of Management in Asia.


20 Februar 2012. There is a great deal of present and future economic power in Asia. To strengthen researchers’, faculty members’ and students’ position in this growth market, the HSG opened the St.Gallen Institute of Management in Asia (SGI) in Singapore in February.

The University of St.Gallen now also has an Entrepreneurship Campus. This virtual campus pools forces at the University which address the manifold aspects of start-ups and entrepreneurship in depth.

Interview about the public programme

The topics of the current issue of the HSGBlatt also include the “success logic” developed by the University Administration, as well as an interview with Markus Kühne (Head of the Career Services Center) and Prof. Dr. Yvette Sánchez, who talks about the HSG’s public programme.

“Executive management that works”

“You can’t do anything without a computer these days”, says Prof. Dr. Elgar Fleisch in the expert interview, while Professors Simon Grand and Daniel Bartl contribute a text on “Executive Management that works”. A further article provides information about the reforms in the Assessment Year, another about two St.Gallen faculty members at Hungary’s only German-language university.

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