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The new HSGBlatt has appeared

The September 2012 issue of the HSGBlatt focuses on the reforms of the Assessment Year and Bachelor studies, as well as the importance of mathematics for the economy.


17 September 2012. On its cover page, the new HSGBlatt addresses the extensive reforms at the Assessment and Bachelor’s Level. The research page is devoted to the cooperation venture in DesignThinking between Stanford University and the HSG, the “Creative Laboratory for Networked Cars”. On another page, Professor Enrico de Giorgi asks the questions, “Why Mathematics for Economics?” and provides answers to it in an essay.

The HSG’s association landscape
A new brochure lists all the student associations at the HSG. It has been published by the Student Association. In the Main Building, there is a now a central reception area, the HSG Info Desk. In the expert interview, Professor Sven Henkel talks about issues such as successful image campaigns and the power of brands.

Annual Report 2011/2012
The new Annual Report of the University of St.Gallen also appeared right on time for the beginning of the semester. On 160 pages, it provides a review of the academic year of 2011-2012 in the form of texts, figures and images.

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