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The last HSGBlatt

The HSGBlatt has appeared for the last time. In 2013, it will be replaced by the new University magazine, HSG Focus. The magazine will be digital, optimised for tablets and smartphones.


17 December 2012. The front page of the last HSGBlatt is therefore reporting on HSG Focus. The magazine will be more extensive and diverse in terms of subject matter than the HSGBlatt. It will consist of a dossier with articles about the key issue of each number, on the one hand, and of interesting news and background stories of public interest about University life on the other hand.

Readers outside the HSG
The magazine focuses on readers outside the HSG: It is intended to be worth reading not only for the HSG community but, above all, to appeal to a wide audience with its dossier and University articles. The first dossier will be “The world is round – football management and further issues of ball control”.

The development of an e-magazine at the HSG does not come as a surprise. Questions concerning media trends, which increasingly point in the direction of digital publications, are answered by communication expert Miriam Meckel in the expert interview on the last page of this HSGBlatt.

CEMS Annual Events and further topics
Further topics of this number include a new platform for the support of hospital cooperation ventures in the Lake Constance area, the Swiss Start-up Monitor and a mobile application which turns a receipt into more than a purchase voucher.

Meanwhile, it is not merely the EHC Uzwil and the SC Herisau that face each other in the Eastern Swiss ice-hockey derby, but primarily also two undergraduates of the University of St.Gallen. The last issue of the HSGBlatt is rounded off by a review in pictures of the CEMS Annual Events 2012 in St.Gallen.

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