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The HSG visits Wil

From 24 February onwards, HSG teachers will communicate their knowledge at Wil Cantonal School. They will lecture on "Sustainable learning and education for sustainable development" on four evenings.


17 February 2014. With "The HSG in the Region" series, the University of St.Gallen visits a different place in Eastern Switzerland every semester. This semester, four HSG teachers will give lectures at Wil Cantonal School on the possibilities of and limits to education at schools and universities. The lectures are being organised in cooperation with the Cantonal School and the Wil Forum on Sustainability (WIFONA).

Promotion of sustainable action

On four evenings, the teachers will answer questions such as these: How can sustainable action be promoted in society, trade and industry, and politics? What subject matter and competencies are suitable for turning pupils and students into adults who act autonomously and in a spirit of personal responsibility? To what extent are schools and universities capable of actually communicating such subject matter and competencies?

Education, knowledge, power

The first lecture will be given by Prof. Dr. Dieter Thomä, Professor of Philosophy, on Monday, 24 February. His lecture will be entitled "Education and creativity". On Tuesday, 4 March, Caspar Hirschi, Professor of General History, will talk about "Knowledge and power". "Self-controlled and cooperative learning" will be the topic dealt with by Prof. Dr. Dieter Euler, Professor of Education Management and Business Education, on Thursday, 20 March. The last lecture will be delivered by Prof. Dr. Miriam Meckel, Professor of Corporate Communication. She will focus on "Education and the Internet" on Tuesday, 25 March.

The lectures will begin at 5 p.m. in the Aula of Wil Cantonal School.

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