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Targeted sponsoring works

HSG market researchers Torsten Tomczak, Sven Henkel, Wibke Heidig and Sven Molner, in cooperation with IG Sponsoring, have analysed the sponsoring management of Swiss companies.


21 December 2010. The study, “Sponsoring Success”, is the first analysis to look at the importance of sponsoring in the context of a company’s entire spectrum of communication tools.

Realistic decision scenarios
For the study, Prof. Dr. Torsten Tomczak and his team put 215 marketing professionals in realistic communication management decision scenarios using an online survey: How do marketing specialists react to image loss for their organisation? What should be done when the customer base becomes alienated? With these and other decision scenarios, which required a holistic assessment of the optimal communication mix of the respondents, the decision-making processes of sponsoring management was illuminated and better understood.

A high level of professionalism in sponsoring
The results of the study demonstrate the level of professionalism in Swiss corporate sponsoring. Over 50 per cent of the surveyed companies operate highly professional sponsorship programmes: Sponsorship decisions are made using formalised processes, and “tracking tools” ensure the success of the sponsoring activities. Companies with professional sponsoring programmes manage an average sponsoring budget of half a million francs.

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