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Switzerland and its railways

The breakthrough in the Gotthard base tunnel has been reminiscent of how much railways are part of the Swiss identity. The HSG’s public programme will devote a series of lecture to the railways this autumn.


20 October 2010. The six-part lecture series entitled “Swiss history is railway history – railway history is Swiss history” will provide an overview of the emergence, extension and development of railways in this country from the mid-19th century to the present day. It will depict processes, dependencies and effects in the various contexts over time. The beginnings of the construction of private railways, the Gotthard railway, the establishment and evolution of the Federal Railways, as well as their role in times of war and crisis, will be explained in the context of Swiss history and politics. Aninsight into, and a description of the prospects of, current railway history will bring this six-part lecture series to a close.

The lecture will be given by Prof. Dr. Felix Bosshard, Lecturer in Contemporary History at theFederal Institute of Technology in Zurich and a history teacher at the Stadelhofen Cantonal School in Zurich. The series “Swiss history is railway history – railway history is Swiss history” will start onWednesday, 27 October 2010, at 6.15 Room HSG 09-114. All the other dates can be found on p. 39 of the HSG’s public lecture course brochure for autumn 2010.

Photo: Kaz68/Photocase

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