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Sustainable management

The IWÖ-HSG, the Business School Lausanne (BSL) and the World Business Council for Sustainable Development are launching an English-language executive education programme from September 2011.


25 May 2011. The new diploma programme will convey knowledge about various areas of sustainable management while at the same time developing the requisite leadership competencies in the field of change management. Participants will immediately apply what they have learnt in a practical module by working on concrete sustainability projects in companies or non-government organisations.

Applying change knowledge in practice
The one-year part-time programme is aimed at participants with a university degree or similar qualification who have three years’ professional experience at management level or six years’ working experience. More than half of the programme will take place outside the classroom and be taught by both highly qualified faculty and social stakeholders. All in all, the programme will run to thirteen two-day modules and the practical project. The programme will begin in September and February, starting for the first time in September 2011.

Firmly integrating sustainability in management education

The new programme for sustainable management was launched by two co-founders of the World Business School Council for Sustainable Business (WBSCSB), the University of St.Gallen and the Business School Lausanne. This association unites business school deans and thought leaders from academia, trade and industry and other organisations from all over the world in order to integrate sustainability more firmly into management education.

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