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St Gallus meets demons

In Spring Semester 2012, the University of St.Gallen (HSG) will offer the general public a wide range of 38 lecture series. The lectures will start on 20 February.


6 February 2012. The public programme will mainly focus on cultural subjects, but the HSG’s core disciplines will also be represented in several lectures. The audience will be able to learn about some of the latest findings in marketing, business IT, business ethics, transport planning and Swiss agricultural policy. They will also find out about the level of the Swiss population’s happiness and hopes.

Three lectures on the eponym of the city

The 612/2012 St Gallus anniversary will be taken up in several public lecture courses. Thus the Abbey Librarian will deal with the history of the city, an historian with regional history, and a theologian with traditional local saints and the legends connected with them. Like the guided tours through the city, these three lecture series constitute a direct link between town and gown. The HSG’s bonds with the city and the region are also demonstrated by the fact that the University is becoming more and more mobile and “moving through the city”: lectures are not only held in rooms at the University but also on different premises in the city. For the “Die HSG in der Region” lectures, four professors will be going to Sargans Cantonal School on four evenings.

Globalisation in fairy tales, too?

The internationality of the University of St.Gallen will be particularly evident in the culture and literature lectures this semester. A fairy tale researcher will be asking the question as to what happens to demons or magical helpers when they emigrate to other countries. Lectures on the culture and history of the Silk Road, of Ancient Egypt and Russia round off the international range of lectures, as do literature lectures in Switzerland’s four national languages, and in English and Spanish. This semester’s literary highlights will include the appearance of two writers: Switzerland’s Lukas Bärfuss and Mexico’s Jorge Volpi.

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